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A Photo Essay UK (London/Brighton)

I love Europe. I couldn't wait to get back there for the first time in 3 years and document my weeks there through photography. After 13 rolls of 35mm shot through 6 cities and one engagement, I am back and have processed all the film. I am happy with the results I have gotten.

The first city I started to shoot was Brighton, England (with the first and last images taken in London). This photo essay will focus on the first leg of my trip. Brighton is a remarkable city and one that I will travel back to for years to come.

The Stats:

Leica Mp

Leica Summicron 35mm F2

Kodak Trix-400 (shot at 800)

Kodak Ektar 100

Instead of interrupting the flow when looking through the photos (I don't feel like writing about each moment), I will just display them in the order in which they were captured. These were the first two rolls shot on the trip; somewhat of a warmup, but I am happy with how they came out.

What a great first leg of the trip, I got engaged and took some really nice photos.

Next photo essay... Paris.

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