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Cinestill In Paris (A Photo Essay)

Paris began with a nice walk to the Eiffel Tower; I had my camera loaded and was snapping along the way. When I started to rewind at the end of the roll, I realized there had been a tragic error in loading the camera. I took 36 shots of Portra 800, some in London and some in Paris, with the film incorrectly loaded, therefore losing those frames.

I'm not sure how they would have turned out, honestly, but it will always be something I wonder when looking back on the photos I did get.

I still shot a roll of 35mm and got one nice shot with my Mamiya 645 on Portra 400.

The rest was on the Leica with a roll of Cinestill 800; shooting this type of film in Paris was one of the best decisions I made all trip.


Leica Mp

Cinestill 800

Mamiya 645

120 Portra 400

(all photos are shown in chronological shot order)

Next up, St Remy, If you wanna read the full story, Craig wrote it best in his piece.

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