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Content Worth Consumption | 001

Welcome to the internet, Have a look around, Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found, We've got mountains of content

Some better, some worse, If none of it's of interest to you, you'd be the first

- Bo Burnham

Content, for better or worse, is what drives almost everyone's lives today. The future is not clear but what is clear is that content of all forms is going to be continually fed to us. With so much of it out there, it’s getting harder to find what's actually worth your time. Algorithms aren't feeding you useful content, they are giving you whatever they know will keep your eyes and hours locked on their own platform.

This weekly blog section Content Worth Consumption will be a simple way to find curated content that has been worth my time. According to me. That might not mean much to you and maybe it shouldn't. But most other curators are never upfront, they just act like what they're telling you to consume is definitely worth your time. And no one likes getting told what to do.

Content Worth Consumption 1


Beginners directed by Mike Mills (2011)

I recently watched this film for the first time. I can say it is one of the more cleverly directed and structured romantic/comedy/dramas I have seen. It has aged very well over the past ten years and I think it is more than worth a watch.


Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (2016)

Whenever anyone asks me I want to read but I just haven't found the right book. I tell them to read this book. It's gripping, fast-paced, and well written. Read it.

Shoe Dog


Artist Wes Lang's Monthly Watch Column In GQ by Ben Clymer

This article is two years old, and Wes Lang no longer writes for GQ. I can firmly say this article made me appreciate watches and become a watch person overnight. Wes Lang is awesome, so reading about him adds so much more than just reading about the movement of a nice watch. It's worth reading if you have any interest in watches or artists. Here's the link.


Call My Agent s1 created by Fanny Herrero

A hilarious satire that's probably all true but has to be called a satire to not offend the actual agents for the actors of the show. It's in French so yes, you will have to read the subtitles – unless you speak French, which would be cool. Unless you are actually French – then it's not as cool. It's on Netflix.

Youtube Video

Men Cry In Private by Van Neistat

Van Neistat's Youtube channel is the best content currently on that platform. His raw filmmaking and storytelling style are filling YouTube's dark hole of crappy content with a true creative using the platform to its fullest. This video is a beautiful one about thanking people.

Men Cry In Private


Victor In Paradise Directed by Brendan Mchugh

A fantastic short film that is directed and staged with a high level of skill. The short revolves around a man who can’t pay rent, he is an artist who is struggling to find his way. I'm sure this guy will be directing features in no time.

Victor In Paradise

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