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Content Worth Consumption | 002

I have carefully curated this month's content worth consumption with the delicacy and attention to detail that it takes to make a PB&J. With that knowledge (take it as you will), you should be salivating to look at these golden nuggets of content, so I won't waste any more of your time.


Last Black Man In San Francisco Directed by Joe Talbot

This film is an absolute joy to watch. It's an intimate story about a young black man Jimmie Fails, who is obsessed with living in his childhood home that was taken from his family due to bureaucratic reasons. His best friend, a writer/actor/artist Montgomery Allen played by Jonathan Majors, is the illicit best friend that everyone wishes they had. Their journey is full of witty dialogue and is packed with beautifully simple cinematography. It's a great flick and can be streamed on Amazon Prime.


The Brave Cowboy by Edward Abbey

A western-themed novel based in the twentieth century with literary detail at its forefront. Abbey does a fantastic job of truly painting the settings of this book, as I'm not sure if I've ever been able to visualize a novel as well as this one. The hero Jack Burns is a true cowboy living in a world that he is not ready to accept. It is as simple as it is thrilling, and it's worth your time.

The Brave Cowboy


How To Shoot A Film With No Cinematographer by Alyssa Miller

A fun article looking at how PTA shot Phantom Thread without a DP. It's not too long, and I don't want to spoil it so here's the link.


The Leftovers by Damien Lindelof

This HBO series has been complete for around 4 years at this point. It is still one of my favorite dramas I've ever watched. It's a fantastic concept and is directed and written with a clear goal from start to finish. It also stars ageless wonder Justin Theroux. If anyone is looking for a show to create more questions about our existence and whether an all-powerful god is controlling everything – this is the one to watch.

Youtube Video

Lemonhead by Tyler, The Creator

As a promo for his new album Call Me If You Get Lost, Tyler directed a series of short ads. Lemonhead in particular showcases a certain aesthetic and vision he has for this album. Its coloring is beautiful, it was shot on a 16mm Arri camera, and the film stock and color grading is outstanding. It's short and sweet and worth your time, even if the music is not for you.



Say What You Will Directed by Bear Damen

A music video for James Blake's new song Say What You Will. The director Bear created a storyline and visuals that go with the song and also add even more meaning to it. It is satirical, funny, and shot with great detail. I also believe this was a 16mm film shoot, which is fire, and everyone who can afford it should choose to shoot film.

Say What You Will

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