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In The Mountains We Ride

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.”

- Edward Abbey


Spent the last week in Idaho. I took a lot of photos; I think they go together well when paired.

The two men dressed in a manner that can only be registered as nothing less than interesting are my dad's cousin Bobby V and his friend Ed. Bobby V is a particular type of human who has lived a life that is novel worthy. Ed is French.

Kelley is my Fiánce, and she is awesome.

My dad is why this trip took place, he enjoys traveling, and when he really likes a place, he becomes hell-bent on sharing his experiences with others. This has become my biggest blessing in life. If I get invited to travel, I will never say no.

Travel is how we learn, experience, and see.

The mustache man is my uncle Jp; he is a maniac with a kind heart, sometimes.

These photos are shown in a linear order. Also, this link is a youtube video of the trip I made; it is a friendly companion to this photo essay: .



Nikon L35AF Point and shoot, loaded with Portra 400

Leica Mp rangefinder, loaded with Tmaxx 400 and Trix400 (the black and whit photos)

Mamiya 645, loaded with Ektar 100

Click on the image to see the full frame!

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