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Weekly Topics

Streaming - Bob Ross, the soothing painter/psychiatrist, is making his streaming debut. The guys and gals over at Netflix put Ross, his paintings, and the hereditary war for his works’ royalties into the documentary blender to show a new side of the smooth talking artist. Happy Accidents

Creator - Matt McCormick is an artist who originally started out his creative journey by tattooing. He gained recognition touring around with the Odd Future crew. His art is a mixture of photography, painting, and sketches. A very unique style that is worth checking out - Matt McCormick (@mattrmccormick) • Instagram photos and videos

Sport - The new biggest threat to college hoops might be – high school hoops. Overtime Elite, an emerging auxiliary basketball league for young players, is paying prospects insane money before they ever step foot in a DMV. Tyler Smith, a 16 year old, lanky wing, just signed a contract with the new league for over one million dollars.

Travel - Tired of the confines of your living room? Your hometown? The continent? New Zealand might be your best medicine. The Edenic Pacific Island is the size of California with one eighth of the people, so there’s plenty of room. New Zealand’s Working Holiday Visa will grant you 12 months on the island, so long as you find a minimum wage job to pay your rent.

Leisure - Hobbies are important, do you need one? This section will be dedicated to giving you an option of one hobby a week. First hobby suggestion isss drum roll please…….Reading. Basic yes, but whether you choose to read physical books, kindles, or listen to audible, you won’t regret it. Let’s get you started: 14 Ways to Cultivate a Lifetime Reading Habit Lifehack , How I Read 100 Books a Year - 8 Tips for Reading More

Popular - Your favorite app (or least favorite) is getting rid of one of its established features, the swipe up. They are replacing it with a sticker icon that will be used to send users to whatever influencers you follow are trying to sell you. Instagram is retiring the swipe up


The Best Cinematographer of All Time Is Making A Photobook!

Roger Deakin’s the man responsible for creating some of the most jaw dropping frames in cinema history, has apparently been taking photos his whole life as well. It might be the best news ever for geeks of photography and cinema. This is what he has to say about it: “My work as a cinematographer is a collaborative experience and, at least when a film is successful, the results are seen by a wide audience. On the other hand, I have rarely shared my personal photographs and never as a collection.”

Go pre order yours now -


The Best Movie Site You Don’t Know About

The site letterboxd is made for film fans who enjoy logging what they have watched, sharing their movie logs around, and even writing reviews. Letterboxd makes finding new films a blast, and helps you create a watchlist for yourself in a very satisfying manner. If you like movies even just a little more than your average person, I’d say you should sign up.


Electric Bikes Are Getting Crazy

With the surging popularity of utilitarian type electric bikes, more companies are joining the industry, looking to expand it. While a bare-bones, inexpensive model would be more likely to appeal to the masses, companies like Onyx are building what can only be described as scaled down motorcycles. Their aggressive RCR model boasts a top speed that could qualify for several driving infractions, as well as an extended range that might just tempt you into fleeing from the cops. You can learn more about the strategy Onyx may be following here.


Weekly Picks


Stand By Me by Rob Reiner - Stand By Me


On Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt - On Bullshit


What Did Orson Welles Learn From Hemingway? by Jason Hellerman - welles-hemingway


Invincible by Robert Kirkman - Invincible


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