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Hi, I hope everyone is having a nice September so seems to be going by rather quickly.

On this date September 16th, in 1620, The Mayflower made its departure from England for America with 102 passengers, a small crew, and absolutely 0 podcasts to listen to on the commute.

- Berto & Craig


Weekly Topics

Streaming - This past year has been packed with some of the world's biggest artists releasing albums. According to Spotify streaming numbers, these 5 albums are each in the top 50 most streamed of 2021: CLB by Drake, Sour by Olivia Rodrigo, Donda by Kanye West (Ye), Sob Rock by John Mayer, and Inside by Bo Burnham. Which of these five do you think is at the top?

Sports - This past week has been a big one as the NFL started back up, the US Open concluded, and Ronaldo quickly scored 3 goals for his new club MAN U. But the buzz around college football seems to be the center of attention, and with USC firing Clay Helton after an embarrassing loss to Stanford, it's time to speculate on the Trojans' new coach. However, one big name has already made sure to let people know he is not interested. Jaguars' Urban Meyer 'There's No Chance'

Trending - Apple just announced their newest iPhone, and, well, it seems like a trending topic. I couldn't care less, but maybe you will. Here's a good article breaking down the entire event. Here's everything Apple announced at its iPhone 13 event

Travel - Getting out of the house and traveling is slowly but surely making its way back to normalcy. One place that is worth visiting before winter hits is the coastline of California, more specifically Big Sur. And thank god for Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop because they just released a great article about what to do once you're there. Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Weekend in Big Sur

Leisure - In sad news, one of the funniest people on the planet has passed away in Norm Macdonald. He was fighting cancer, and he has a great quote about the battle. "I’m pretty sure if you die, the cancer also dies at exactly the same time. So that, to me, is not a loss; that’s a draw.” Here is a great piece about this very funny man. Norm Macdonald Wanted Laughter, Not Applause

Creator - This is the section where I like to shout out someone who is relatively unknown and whose work deserves some more eyeballs. This week our creator goes by Maclin – a multiple format artist from Cleveland. His paintings are lush in texture and color, his drawings bring a sense of awe. His work can be found on instagram, Mac (@maclin), and he also has a very cool website There is also a new social media app that he is part of called Exhibit. It's more than worth checking out Exibit (


Denis Villeneuve is a Master. Don't Take Him For Granted.

Villeneuve has yet to miss, as his films Enemy, Sicario, Prisoners, and Arrival, are all outstanding, thought-provoking, and visually stunning. It seems that general movie going audiences have yet to truly embrace this man as they have Christopher Nolan, and it's about time we put him on that level. His latest film Dune hits theaters and HBO Max in October (please see it in theaters). His previous movie Blade Runner 2049 is one of the best Sci Fi epics ever made, yet it was a box office flop, so let's do our best to avoid that same mistake this time. Here is a good interview with this legend himself ‘Dune’ Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve


Andrej Isakovic | Getty Images

Formula 1's Guardian Angel

Lewis Hamilton is the greatest driver of all time, the winningest racer in Formula 1 history, and he very nearly died in this past weekend's Italian Grand Prix. After a scary wreck with his championship rival, Hamilton found himself underneath Max Verstappen's car, wearing a scorching Pirelli tire as a toupee. The suspense and dread stemming from the initial images of the wreck were palpable on the race's broadcast. Fortunately, thanks to a breakthrough safety device adopted in 2017, Hamilton walked away from the wreck with only a sour mood. The Halo Saved Lewis's Life


Weekly Picks

Movie - Before Sunrise by Richard Linklater

Book - Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

Article - Watching Movies Daniel Day-Lewis Wears His Personal Gold Watch In 'Phantom Thread' by Danny Milton

TV Show - Call My Agent by Fanny Herrero

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