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Hi, another week has gone by, and well not much has changed for me, maybe it has for you. This week instead of a fact we will hit you with a quote: “If fifty million people say something foolish, it is still foolish” - Somerset Maugham


Weekly Topics

Streaming - Netflix continues to hog the top spot in our monthly streaming service catalogue rankings, preserving a large lead over competitors Amazon Prime and HBO Max. However, new additions to Hulu’s movie offerings could soon spell the end of Netflix’s reign. Streaming Analytics

Sports - Tom Brady leads the NFL in TD passes through the first two weeks. Should we be surprised, annoyed, or simply embarrassed for the rest of the NFL? On other fields, baseball is being played, but no one really cares. On the hardwood, the new NBA season is slowly approaching, but some news came this week that one of the greatest three point shooters in history is deciding to call it a career. Retires After 15 Seasons

Film - October is approaching quickly, and that means a lot of highly anticipated films are approaching with it. One of the most exciting films – The French Dispatch – is from the eclectic director Wes Anderson, and releases on Oct 22nd. Anderson also directed a music video to go along with the movie. Wes Anderson Directs an Animated Music Video for 'The French Dispatch'

Leisure - Ever wonder how species came to be? Probably not all the time, but I'm sure you've contemplated how weenie dogs have made it this far at some point in your life. Well, a German biologist named Jochen Wolf may have figured it out. Where Do Species Come From?

Creator - Zach Lower is an internet filmmaker out of Brighton, England and makes some of the most satisfying and beautiful work on Instagram. I highly suggest checking his page out. Zach Lower (@zachlower) • Instagram photos and videos


Think About It

Have you ever been sitting in a movie theater watching a film that really just sucks, but since you’ve already paid, you feel that for some reason you have to stick it out? That right there can be described as a sunk cost fallacy. It is a massive problem in the way many people think. People put money towards something and then feel obligated to see it through till the end. However, the way we really should look at it is that once the money is spent, it is gone. Sitting through that bad movie for another hour isn’t going to make that money any better spent. Our time is valuable, and sometimes we spend money in ways that don’t fully work out. Don’t give past decisions a stranglehold on your future actions. A book called The Art Of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli is a powerful book of reasoning, where he points out certain flaws in the way humans sometimes think. Dobelli breaks these shortfalls down and helps readers think better. I highly recommend giving it a read. The Art of Thinking Clearly: Dobelli, Rolf


Surf's Up

Newport Beach, the coastal California town that will forever live in reality TV infamy, is home to the state’s strangest surf break: The Wedge. Named for its towering, triangle shaped crests that crash in a couple feet of water, The Wedge can house waves three times bigger than neighboring beaches due to its jetty that amplifies ocean swells. Stranger still, on any given day, the big wave spot is actually dominated by boogie boarders, usually outnumbering their surfer companions by a factor of 10. A recent swell brought both types of paddlers out, with them dropping in side by side on 12 foot waves. The Wild Wedge


Weekly Picks

Movie - Layer Cake by Matthew Vaughn (stream on Netflix)

Book - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson (Amazon or any bookstore)

Article - An Ex-Drinker’s Search for a Sober Buzz

TV Show - Sex Education by Laurie Nunn (stream on Netlfix)

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