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Hi – if you have been receiving these, please let Craig or me know what you think about them: what you like, what you don’t like and what you would want to see added or taken away.

Fact - On this date in 1962, James Bond made its theatrical debut with Sean Connery at the helm.


Weekly Topics

Streaming - Seinfeld is back, baby. I’m a newly minted member of the Larry David cult – a late bloomer. But Seinfeld has been hard to find for a while. Until now. Netflix has officially made the hit show more bingeable than ever...and once the half-billion-dollar check clears, they’re going to need you to watch it too. What Netflix Paid for Seinfeld

Sports - Tom Brady beat the Patriots, and Belichick, for the first time in his career. Kyrie Irving may not play basketball this season. Alexander Usyk is a former cruiserweight unified champion who has now successfully moved up a weight class and captured all boxing belts but one by defeating Britain's Anthony Joshua. Oleksandr Usyk beats Anthony Joshua

Film - Bond...James Bond, just had its world premiere for the final installment starring Daniel Craig. No Time To Die will hit theaters Oct 8th, looking to be the first big movie to bring the masses back to the theaters. No Time To Die Premiere

Leisure - This leisure section is always a tough one to fill out. I’m never sure what to put here. That’s until I came across an article explaining and showing what a black hole does to stars, and it seemed appropriate. This is What it Looks Like When a Black Hole Snacks on a Star

Creator - Last week I put a video creator up – this week we’re back to the artist. Mark Maggiori is one of the most talented artists I have found yet. Go to his page and you’ll get what I mean. Mark Maggiori (@markmaggiori) • Instagram photos and videos


Transcending with Tennis

I recently started playing tennis on a somewhat regular basis. It’s an incredibly fun and frustrating sport. The mental games that begin the second you miss your first shot are unlike anything I've ever experienced. I fancy myself a relatively capable basketball player, and even in the midst of bad shooting streaks I never second guess my ability to contribute towards the end goal of winning. But with tennis, as it is not a team sport, the mental fortitude needed to succeed is on a level unlike most other activities. Earlier this year, I read a very dense but rewarding book, and a large part of it involved the sport of tennis. The more I play the more I like that book. “Tennis's beauty's infinite roots are self-competitive. You compete with your own limits to transcend the self in imagination and execution. Disappear inside the game: break through limits: transcend: improve: win.” Infinite Jest – page 84


Billy Crudup is still Almost Famous

In the twenty years after it flopped at the box office, Almost Famous has garnered a successful afterlife in streaming circles. Today’s viewers would assume that the movie’s rockstar-portraying Billy Crudup would have gone on to become a movie star after nailing his mysterious, likeable role in the movie. But they would be wrong. A thespian at heart, Crudup skirted the leading-man trajectory in order to take residence on play stages across the country, fulfilling his desire to be an actor without all the billboards and magazine covers. While remaining beside the limelight, Crudup has appeared in many films as a supporting actor, and his voice narrated the Mastercard commercials of your adolescence. In a poetic twist of fate, Billy’s playing 19 (nineteen!) different roles in one theater performance that Jenifer Aniston saw led to his latest on-screen gig as a hilariously strange and confident television executive in Apple+’s The Morning Show.

Billy Crudup in the King of Chaos


Weekly Picks

Movie - A Ghost Story by David Lowery (Watch on Netflix)

Book - The Stranger by Albert Camus

Article - Watches

TV Show - Upload - (Amazon Prime)

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