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New vs. Old | 002

What Looks Better Old or New?

I have been interested in the style of certain objects for most of my life, whether that be cameras, cars, watches, etc. When it comes to new styles, sometimes I think they nail it, but more often I find myself enjoying and admiring the differences of the old vs. the new. I've decided to pick a few different objects and do a little head-to-head.

note: I chose to not match up objects that are from the same companies because the DNA of an old object will always translate to the new one too much – which doesn't fit my narrative enough. So ya.


Photography cameras and video cameras are two massively different things. So I'll do a matchup for each.

First up we have photography. This is where I believe the old versions decisively have the aesthetic advantage. Is this biased?.. yes, but look how beautiful that thing is. The Sony design is actually pretty good, but it has no soul.

Cartier Bresson's Lieca 1960-68 vs stock Sony A7iii 2019-2021

I chose a used version of the Leica because that is the best looking version in my opinion. This photo is also of a camera used by one of the greatest photographers in history, Henri Cartier-Bresson. So that's cool. I looked for a model of the Sony used by photographer Chris Burkard because I know he shoots on Sony but I couldn't find any.

Video cameras are different. Since digital has become the more cost-effective and versatile way to shoot, the design of cinema cameras has changed drastically. And I think the new look might beat out the old. The Red has such a nice compacted and industrial look, it appears to actually have had thought put into its design as well as its function. The Arri looks like a tool, but no visual design was put into it. Arri's current digital line is also good looking, which leads to me saying that digital video cameras are superior aesthetically.

2020 Red Komodo Vs 1989-1994 Arri flex 435

Movie Posters

This category is hard because in all eras there have been great posters and awful posters. To simplify I chose to go with the 'first' Summer blockbuster movie vs the most recent summer blockbuster. One is a classic that will withstand the test of time in design and narrative, the other is a photoshop mess that makes my eyes bleed.

1975 Jaws v 2021 F9

There have been some great posters made in recent years but I'd say for the most part new posters lack original flare.

New vs Old

Tally 2-1 old

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