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Streaming Analytics – September 2021

We combed through the databases of the world’s top streaming services, picked out the very best movies that each has to offer, and ran them each through a battery of analytic tests to determine which service provides the best cinematic offerings this month. Each streaming site’s content was indexed and ranked based on film quality and watchability, as well as overall catalogue consistency.

Amongst the contenders are Amazon’s Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu. We left Disney+ off of our entry list because its content availability doesn’t change much month to month compared to the other services. This ranking is for movies only – no TV.

September 2021 RESULTS

Previous Month's Results shown in white

Netflix came out on top again this month with a 787 overall quality rating, just barely edging out Hulu which has made huge strides in the past few weeks. Amazon fell into third place, dropping nearly a dozen quality points with its new score of 766. HBO Max’s catalogue did not change much over the past month, but Hulu’s dramatic improvement left HBO lonely at the bottom.

Hulu's meteoric rise, the largest one month improvement in the history of this report, is due to the infusion of great movies like La La Land, Gattaca, and Hulu's own rendition of The Social Network.

Amazon’s consistency scores continue to come in well below the competition, a cause for concern for viewers who may prefer streaming services with less variance. The staggering gap between Jennifer’s Body and The Social Network, both new arrivals for Amazon this month, showcases the variability of the company’s current offerings.


Quality: 787 (-3)

Consistency: 89%

Amazon Prime

Quality: 766 (-11)

Consistency: 83%


Quality: 760 (-6)

Consistency: 89%


Quality: 786 (+24)

Consistency: 90%

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