• Berto Centofante

The Meaning of Loaf

Words can mean many things too many people. Some words have different meanings from country to country; some have the same meaning but can be taken subtly or harshly depending on the culture and context.

I find words to be funny. I don't have a great vocabulary, maybe one day, my brain will be able to retain and use more words to describe more attractively, but for now, I do with what I have.

My favorite word is loaf. It's a word that has many meanings. It's the name of this website, it will be the name of a future company Craig and I are plotting.

The noun version of loaf refers to bread.

The verb version of loaf definition is traditionally to be idle or lazy.

But, there is also one other interpretation of the verb definition for loaf, which is

To do nothing in particular.

This is my preferred definition. I use this definition as a way to go through life. I have many interests and love learning about life and what it is made up of. But I don't have any singular goals or reasons I want to know about life. I just want to live my life and loaf. I don't see this as a lazy way of life; it is actually the most exciting part. Being free to think and learn in all directions, not holding myself to one specific approach, is beautiful.

I first learned of this version in one of my favorite books by Somerset Maugham, The Razors Edge. The lead character Larry is a man who lives a beautiful and powerful life, and he is a man who wants to loaf.

The following exerts are from The Razor's Edge:

"Then what do you want to do?"

He gave me his radiant, fascinating smile.

"Loaf," he said.

A few chapters and years have passed

"D'you remember his saying that he was just going to loaf? If what he tells you is true his loafing seems to involve some very strenuous work."

Loaf isn’t bread, and it isn’t being lazy or idle, well maybe it technically does mean those things, but not to me.

loaf means to live life in no specific manner, there is no correct path, no easy finding to the meaning of life. to do nothing in particular is to learn and live. loaf.