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The Two Best James Bond Watches

No Time To Die is hopefully hitting theaters soon. I'm not sure I can deal with another delay. James Bond is known for being one of the coolest fictional characters ever. What goes along with his 'coolness' is his style. A large part in the history of his style is the watch that he wears. Most people know that Sean Connery's Bond wore Rolex watches and the modern bond Daniel Craig wears Omegas. Let's take a closer look at their two best watches.

First, we will check out the newest watch in the Bond series, the new Omega Seamaster 007.

This watch has had its grip on the watch world for over a year now and the film hasn't even been released. The vintage styling of this modern watch was done to perfection. The metal band, although a bit different, seems to go very well with this watch. It also does a great job of not simply being a watch made for a fictional character. It fits Bond very well and is made to take a beating.

Now let's look at the OG Bond's Rolex Submariner Ref 6538. This is the classic sub, a grail watch for many enthusiasts. Not only is it subtle but at the time, it was also a fantastic choice to wear in the water. Connery made everything badass, including this watch. I think Rolex hasn't been too worried about getting their watches in the new films because the legacy of Bond still seems to lean the Rolex way.

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