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What Is The Deal With Pocket Knives?

Best Damn Edc - Photo

The folding pocket knife is believed to have been created in 1600’s Spain. In the 400 years since then, it has grown into one of the most useful and misunderstood tools. The mistrust that is conjured when someone sees a pocket knife is mainly due to the weaponizing of pocket knives by gang culture. The stiletto, made famous by many gangster flicks, has led people to believe that the pocket knife is a dangerous weapon rather than a tool. However, that can not be further from the truth.

For the unaware, it may come as a surprise that there is a massive community that lives and breathes pocket knives. With offerings ranging from custom one-offs to mass produced classics, the pocket knife market is giant, and its vast range can be confusing to newcomers. I'm going to give a little breakdown here for anyone who wants to dip their feet in it.

One well-known pocket knife enthusiast is Peter McKinnon, a large YouTuber, and photographer from Canada. He is a big advocate for Everyday Carry items and openly displays his knife collection on his media channels. Another famous enthusiast who hasn't publicly displayed his knives but has mentioned his love for them is guitar master John Mayer. Hopefully One Day Mayer records a Talking Knives video to go along with his episode of Talking Watches.

Instead of giving a huge explanation on each tier or brand of knife, I'm going to give an example of one knife in each price category. The price goes up due to the material, quantity made, and overall fit and finish of the pocket knife. A knife is a knife though – so as long as it's sharp, they all do the same thing. But as a man who champions design and overall aesthetics, sometimes spending more is worth it.

Tier 1 - Entry Level Knife

Swiss Army Cadet – $31

This Victorinox is more than just a knife, as it also has a couple of tools on it. Its slim design and incredibly unthreatening appearance make it attractive if you are a person who doesn't want to offend any paranoids by simply carrying your pocket knife. Its price is unbeatable for its quality, as the knife is made with very high tolerances and a company with a long history behind it.

Tier 2 - Entry Level 2.0

Kershaw Leek – $45

This spring-assisted pocket knife is slim, small, and unnoticeable in the pocket. The spring assist makes the blade come out fast, which may frighten timid bystanders. But once they see that you are just using it to cut off the annoying thread on your shirt, they will be alright.

Tier 3 - A Knife Collector will know you've done some research

Spyderco Delica 4 – $84

This knife comes in tons of color varieties and has a very thin blade that is great for normal cutting tasks. It also has a very soft silhouette and overall design which in turn lends it to be a great everyday knife, as the unknowing will not give it a second glance. Spyderco is a very well respected company that makes a lot of higher-end knives as well.

Tier 4 - A Knife Collector's knife that appreciates style and function

Benchmade Bugout – $132

This knife has it all going for it: perfectly sized and weighted for everyday carry and made with great quality materials. This has been my personal go-to pocket knife for just about 2 years now. I have the all-black version for bonus tactical points. This is personally my suggestion if you want a great pocket knife that checks off all the boxes.

Tier 5 - This is expensive and totally ridiculous but it's cool

Emerson Commander – $265

This high price tag is due to it being fully made in America and in smaller batches. These knives are made to use and use hard as they can deal with a little more beating than the previous knives I've listed. However this knife also looks intimidating, which doesn't make it great as an EDC knife – but if you don't care about that and want something that you can really abuse, this might be for you. I also have one of these and can say that it was the sharpest knife from the manufacturer I've ever had.

Tier 6 - WTF So Expensive So Awesome

Chris Reeve Sebenza 31 – $375

Things are getting crazy but for good reason. Arguably the best EDC knife ever made, manufactured in Idaho, these knives are made in small batches with the highest end material and a beautiful, sleek design. These are made to last lifetimes, if you can get your hand on one...they’re not always available. If you think this hobby is expensive, just wait until you develop a camera addiction.

Tier 7 - Things are getting out of hand

Grimsmo Knives The Norseman – $975

Too expensive to use it seems, however these knives are practically built to perfection. The machinery and tolerances that are put into these knives make them unlike anything else on the market. They will undoubtedly be the best pocket knife you ever hold – if you ever lay hands on one. I can't recommend this product due to its price, and I can't see myself ever being able to use something this expensive, but it can handle anything you would dare throw at it, and it’s a truly great piece of work.

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